Bodegas y Cavas de Weinert 2006 “Carrascal”

At AR$17, it is difficult to be too judgmental about a wine. That’s not even US$5 a bottle!

Bodegas y Cavas de Weinert 2006 Carrascal

Weinert’s “Carrascal” from Mendoza, Argentina is a blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and is aged in French oak barrels. It is the bodega’s entry-level blend and for the price, is a great everyday drinking wine. Aromas of blueberries, bell pepper, vanilla, with a somewhat thin mouth-feel. It has very high acidity, is a bit acetic and has fairly greens tannins: I suggest pairing it with tomato sauces to cut the acidity and/or cheeses to supress the young tannins. Overall, a great wine for a few dollars (ok, pesos).

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