Wine History and Regions


French soldiers and wine
Wine cases being unloaded in France during the 1940s.

One of the most fascinating aspects of working in the wine industry is watching it evolve. Year after year we see weather patterns alter climates and impart different flavors on grapes and subsequent wines; we watch bottled-aged wines mature so that a vintage tastes different every time we open a new bottle. We see vintners come and go, vineyards bought and sold, new grapes planted, and new research change how grapes are grown and wine is made. It is an exciting and ever-changing industry.

We sometimes forget the history of wine is just as fascinating as the industry’s current trends. Wine has been an intricate part of our global culture for thousands of years and impacts agriculture, cuisine, culture and civilization.

Join us in exploring the history of wine throughout different the world’s major wine-producing regions.

Learn a little about some of the world’s major wine-producing regions (and their classifications):