Why is my wine fizzy?

Why is my wine fizzy?

Occasionally, you might open a bottle of wine and be taken aback by the first sip. It’s . . . tangy. Slightly carbonated. Not Pepsi (or Coke: whatever is your preference)* carbonated with large, over-the-top bubbles, but a slight effervescence that is off-putting. It’s not so much disgusting as it is surprising (although it can also be quite disgusting).

That, my friends, is an “off” wine. But what happened?

In most cases, fizzy wine is indicative of a mistake in wine-making. When bottled, the wine underwent an (unexpected) second fermentation, creating the carbonation and subsequent poor flavor. It won’t hurt you to drink it . . . but you probably won’t want to. Here are few things you can do with this undrinkable wine.

Note: some wines are supposed to be fizzy! Sparkling wines obviously fall into this category; however, Australian Shiraz and Lambrusco also fall under this umbrella term.

*We highly recommend a glass of wine over soda. Calorie-for-calorie, we think it’s a better option. 🙂

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