The best thing since sliced bread: quick, no-rise pizza dough

The best thing since sliced bread: quick, no-rise pizza dough

I’ve always loved having pizza night as a way of getting rid of the last “little bits” in the fridge: that tiny hunk of cheese too small to do anything with, the handful of olives floating in a jar that are not quite enough to make a tapenade and just waiting to be used; a few, lonely mushrooms without a home… they all find their way onto my pizzas!

My only problem with pizza night was how labor intensive it always ended up being: pizza dough needs 1-1 1/2 hours to proof, another 20 minutes or so to rise AGAIN after separated, and then you STILL have to form the dough into “pies”, load the dough with toppings, and bake. It becomes quite the process!

This last “go-around” with pizza night, I discovered that Fleischmann’s, probably the most well-known yeast company, now makes a quick-rising pizza dough yeast. The process is ridiculously simple: combine flour, yeast, sugar, salt, with water and oil, kneed, shape into a pizza pie, load with toppings, and bake: no proofing necessary! I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve been telling everyone that will listen.

This last week I made a simple margarita pizza with fresh mozzarella and homemade pizza sauce, a fig, arugula and prosciutto pizza with parmesan cream, and a wilted spinach, shaved red onion, and fontina pizza with a bechamel cream sauce. I can’t believe how simple they were: each was done in under 30 minutes!

I will share the recipes with you for the following few days. In the meantime, start scoping out your fridge for those “little bits” that will become pizza toppings! 🙂


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