Spanish Torrija, French toast taken to a new level

Spanish Torrija, French toast taken to a new level

Let’s talk about desserts. Specifically, Spanish desserts. And let’s do ourselves and not mention the f word (flan).

The first time I tried torrija was on the biggest “fat kid” excursion of my life: when I wandered the streets of San Sebastian and tried pintxo after pintxo after pintxo. Traditional pintxos–like tortilla and stuffed red pepper and anything topped with ham–and inventive, new-age pintxos, like sauteed¬†chicken hearts, or foie gras with a black tea yogurt and freeze-dried berries. I was in a special place during that trip. Sigh.

It was during these wanderings that I first met torrija, a once-stale piece of bread that’s been soaked in milk overnight, spiced with cinnamon and honey other “secret things,” and then fried.¬†I love French toast, but torrija takes the concept to another level.

If you can’t make it to the Basque country anytime soon, you can try your hand at torrija. Check out this recipe from The Guardian and this one from Spanish It’s easy as pie. Well, toast. Or maybe pudding.

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