Salmon with Tomato-Tarragon Cream Sauce

This recipe is close to my heart: it is the dish my husband made for me on our first date. It was delicious then, and just like our relationship, two years later, it has gotten even better! Originally with capers, in France we made this dish and decided to switch them out for tarragon. What a difference! The tarragon really lifts the dish and adds a sophisticated element. It’s incredible!

Salmon with Tomato and Tarragon Cream Sauce

You will need:

4 salmon fillets, skin on

5 shallots, chopped

4 medium-large tomatoes, peeled

a touch of cream

2-3 sprigs of tarragon


1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Cook the shallots in olive oil until they are soft.

3. Add the tomatoes. Let them cook until the water from the tomatoes evaporate (probably 20+ minutes, depending on the tomato water content).

4. Remove from the heat. Add a touch of cream and continue to taste and add cream until you are happy with the flavor. Set aside for later.

5. Brush your salmon with olive oil. Sear in a hot pan on both sides (2 minutes for each side).

6. Place the pan in the oven and bake for 5-7 minutes. While it is baking, reheat the sauce and add the tarragon at the end (I like to add it whole and not chopped: up to you!).

7. Plate and enjoy. Make sure to remind your guests that the skin is still on the bottom of the salmon.

“Sediments” on the dish:

Like I mentioned before, this dish is fun to play with. Try it with basil instead of tarragon, or dill. (I prefer tarragon and the anise flavor it imparts, but to each his/her own!).

Suggested Wine Pairings

This dish welcomes several white wines. I love a French white, and you can choose either a creamier, more full-bodied and oaked wine like a Chardonnay, which compliments the cream in the dish, or you can go with a more acidic wine like a Sauvignon Blanc, which cuts through the creaminess and pairs well with the herbs. Your call!

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