Bali, Indonesia


Maybe it’s the incense floating through the air, or the way locals stop to offer morning offerings at the feet of statues with such a solemn affectation, or the crystal clear waters… or maybe it’s just because Bali is so foreign from everything we know in the States… whatever the reason, we can’t but help be in awe. To be there is to feel, in every aspect, a foreigner in a strange, different world.

We had the pleasure of spending three weeks in Bali, including Seminyak, Ubud, Amed and Candidasa. For those planning a vacation to Bali, I highly suggest escaping the Westernized madness of Seminyak and retreating to the mountain town of Ubud. Known as an artist community, Ubud’s streets are lined with artisan shops selling beautiful sculptures, paintings and pottery. Walk through the rice fields and enjoy the serenity, and make sure to rent a car and visit the Batur volcano, which is a volcano growing out of a crater made from a previous eruption. The view of the volcano, the crater and the lake is stunning. (Make sure to also hide a little money, in case you meet some policemen who take you for all you have in your wallet. True story.)

Looking for a little beach time? Amed is considered the “Kuta of the 70s”: a glimpse of life on Kuta (I’ll be honest; I’m not a fan) before the Westernization of Bali’s most popular beach. The town itself is small (not an ATM in sight when we visited!) and the waters are clear and full of ocean life. It is a true retreat from everything and everyone and a beautiful place to spend a few days doing absolutely nothing. Ahhhhh……

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