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Montefioralle, Italy

4 comments on “Montefioralle, Italy
  1. SUSAN schlageter says:

    I love these.

  2. Billie says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article – my husband and I are headed to Tuscany in just a few weeks and I found this very valuable. We plan on doing this hike! Any other suggestions on great hikes/restos/wineries? Thanks!

  3. Tara says:

    Is there any sort of Lakes//sees//rivers around? In the area? PS. beautiful Pictures, this place sounds amazing!

    • The Sedimentalist says:

      Thank you! I am not sure if there are lakes in the area. We happened upon a stream, don’t know if that counts! 🙂 I remember that Montepulciano had a great tourist center with free maps of trails in the area. Perhaps they would be able to tell you if there are any in the area? Sorry I’m not much more help! Thank you so much for reading!

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