Florence, Italy

Florence is a city I could never tire of visiting. Yes, there’s “The David.” There’s more art than you could ever see in a visit. There’s Tuscan food and wine. There’s the Duomo. There’s Ponte Vecchio, aka “that bridge you have to take a photo from.” THERE IS GELATO. LOTS OF GELATO. But there is so much more to Florence than a list of “must-see” and “must-do’s.” Florence is a vibe: a medieval vibe with a modern twist that makes early morning and late night walks back to your apartment a strange trip back in time.

If you have the pleasure of visiting Florence, stay for a while. Don’t make a day trip out of it: you’ll miss everything “real” about the city. Escape the crowded streets where you hear nothing but English, get lost on trips outside of the city in Tuscan wine country, and whatever you do, eat at Il Pizzaiuolo. It’s as close as you will get to Napolitano pizza without heading to the South.

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