pho express, downtown san diego

I predict an explosion of Vietnamese cuisine within the next few years. Americans already love French cuisine, and we have welcomed Asian food like Thai meals with open arms… it is only a matter of time before diners realize that Vietnamese cuisine–with its French influence–is the next culinary hot spot.

Pho Express, located on 6th Street in Downtown San Diego, is one of several examples of delicious Vietnamese cuisine in San Diego. Showcasing the French influence with sandwiches on delicious, fresh baguettes, Pho Express stays true to Vietnamese cuisine with their pork, daikon and cilantro sandwiches ((Banh Mi Xi Xiu) and their pate and daikon sub, the Banh Mi Dac Biet. At $4 per sandwich, passing up Subway’s $5 footlongs for a delicious, ethnic sub is an easy choice.

Recommended: Highly

Perfect for: On-the-go lunch, take out, casual lunch with friends, traditional Asian cuisine, those in the mood for new and exciting cuisines/flavors

Pho Express is located at 1125 6th Street (between C and B St.) and 6533 Mission Gorge Road.

Interested in more Vietnamese food in San Diego? Check out Noodle House in Ocean Beach.