Sometimes I feel as if I say the same things about every Malbec I review. “Full-bodied, aromas of ripe fruits, present and beautiful tannins.. blah blah blah”. I’m left wondering if anyone cares… and I’m nearly certainly that no one takes any of the notes to heart.

(I say this from my own experience: I tend to let every wine descriptor that I read go in one ear and out the other. It’s all just a jumble of fruits and odd words like “cedar” and “tobacco”… I lose interest, and I don’t blame my readers for doing the same. I promise, it won’t hurt my feelings!) 🙂

The problem is, some wines are really, really good, and deserve some press/attention… even if it means repeating myself. The Durigutti Reserva Malbec is one of those wines. In a tasting at 0800 Vino we sampled this wine alongside several others, it was an absolute knock out, and I still find it hard to believe that it is barely over $20 per bottle. It drinks with the same quality as a $40 Cabernet from the Napa Valley, and if given the choice, I’d rather take that $20 and buy TWO Durigutti Reserves.

I have reviewed Durigutti before (you may remember the write-up on their Aguijon de Abeja Torrontes). As I mentioned in that review, Durigutti wines are a joint project by brothers Hector and Pablo Durigutti, and they have an interesting approach to wine making: Pablo embraces the New World style of wine making, while Hector embodies the tradition-rich European style. They come together to produce wines that pay homage to traditional wine making while still embracing the new technologies which continue to improve the quality of wines. The idea of incorporating new wine techniques into the Old World tradition of highlighting terroir can be a touchy subject amongst wine makers… it is nice to see that some have learned to meld the two.

The Durigutti Reserva is rich, opulent, elegant and well-balanced… all of the things you would hope for in a well-made, seamless wine. I highly recommend it with any grilled meats or anything barbecued: the char from the grill will perfectly compliment the tannins in the wine.

The Durigutti Reserva can currently be purchased through 0800 Vino if you live in Buenos Aires; those in the United States and the UK can find their distributor through Wine Searcher.