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Leonetti Cellar Reserve 2006

I have spent so much time on Argentine wines since I began Sedimentality (I had to take advantage of our seven months in Buenos Aires!) that I sometimes worry if my readers think I enjoy wines from other parts of the world. Truth be told, there is not a varietal or region that I do not enjoy. And even though I have not posted anything about Washington wines, it is actually one of my favorite regions, and I think that one of the best wines from this state is the Leonetti Cellar 2006 Reserve.

Some wines are so seamless that you almost have to force yourself to slow down: this is definitely one of those wines. It is so elegant, so silky, and has so much depth that I am always blown away by it: it is one of those wines that I wish EVERY person who is learning about wines could taste so that they could see what a well-made, beautiful wine is supposed to smell and taste like. This is it: it is what other wineries strive for, and Leonetti achieves.

Washington receives a lot less of the hot, beating sun that makes California grapes so ripe (and their wines so fruit-driven), so you can already expect Washington wines (like this reserve from the Walla Walla Valley) to have more mature fruit flavors and less jammy, big fruits. The Reserve, a French Bordeaux-style blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon 75%, 12% Petit Verdot, 11% Malbec, and 2% exudes plums and black fruits, blackberry puree, very ripe bloody bing cherries, slight floral notes, and smoke and cedar. It is a big, dense wine, yet SO balanced, lush, and seamless, with a long, beautiful finish.

Yes, it is roughly $150 – $200 a bottle, but it does not disappoint.