Carmelo Patti Malbec 2005

Finally getting around to reviewing a wine from Christmas, so please excuse the photo decor! 🙂

Argentine vintners have gotten incredibly good at producing rich, fruity and intense Malbecs… so much so, in fact, that I was a little concerned that they had pigeon-holed themselves into a country that only made one style of wine. Thankfully, there is the Carmelo Patti: a wine set out to prove me wrong. Soft tannins, subtle fruits and elegance compose this beautiful, subdued wine that screams “Bordeaux!”.

Would the French be pleased? Of course not… it is safe to say that if it is not grown on French soil, the French want nothing to do with it. (Don’t believe me? See my article on foie gras, or the one on Australian wines winning a few blind taste tests, and then we’ll talk!) 🙂

(Disclaimer: I’m only kidding, Frenchies: you know I love all things French, whether it be cuisine, wines, decor, architecture, music, travel… I’m a Francophile at heart. But you HAVE to let me laugh at your inability to give any culinary credit to anything produced outside of your land. It’s pretty hilarious!)

Digressing to the Carmelo Patti….

Carmelo Patti himself is a bit of a legend in Mendoza. He takes care to age his wine significantly in both the tank and the barrel before bottling, created beautiful, seamless wines that separates themselves from the hastily-produced wines of some of his competitors (who will go unmentioned).

There is a lovely review on “Welcome Argentina” about one writer’s experience meeting Carmelo Patti, and I love it so much that I had to include it. Here is the link to the full article.

As we tasted the wine from his winery, Carmelo was excited to talk about his production as if it was one of his children. He described its birth and the cares he had had to take as it grew up, always alert to every detail. Already in the casks, we tasted a riper wine and its incredible assemblage, a blend of four varieties, which awakens amazing sensations as it is sampled. It is hard to describe. When I met Carmelo, my vision about wineries changed completely. I understood that there is something irreplaceable beyond technology to make a good wine: the art and the love transmitted by a good enologist.

I highly recommend the Carmelo Patti Malbec: it is a beautiful example of the potential Argentine soil has to make a variety of styles of wines and is incredibly flawless for a bottle under $25.

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