Book Review: “The Wine Bible” by Karen MacNeil

Book Review: “The Wine Bible” by Karen MacNeil

There could not be a more appropriate name for the book which I consider to be the leader in wine literature. Wine buffs and beginners alike will learn a fascinating thing or two from Mrs. MacNeil, who spent ten years penning the book that changed the wine world.

If you are a bit of a wine geek like me, and you enjoy random tidbits of knowledge, then this wine book is for you. Filled with anecdotes, fun facts, history lessons, geography lessons, science lessons and–of course–sensory evaluations, “The Wine Bible’s” greatest joy is how it makes you look at the wine world: it is not a stagnant industry full of pompous men walking around with tastevines, but it is an industry full of passionate, hard-working people who have the pleasure of working in a job which ties them directly to the land and to nature.

Unfortunately, the book was published in 2003, and a few of their facts are out of date, as is the information in their sections about the top wineries in each region (for example, Tapiz winery in Mendoza was purchased from Kendall Jackson in 2005 by an Argentine family, but the book still lists it as owned by KJ). That aside, the general knowledge of the book is a wealth of information, and MacNeil’s easy writing style makes all of this information go down smoother than a silky Pinot Noir from Santa Lucia.

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