As the weather warms, I would like to share a wine that is sure to pair well with warm weather foods: the Don David Torrontes.

Perhaps you remember my post on the Torrontes grape: it is a popular varietal in Argentina,  incredibly easy to drink, very lively, perfumed, and slightly sweet. I like to think that even those who aren’t wine lovers would still enjoy a glass of Torrontes. 🙂

The Don David was a gift for my parents when I came home for Christmas, and they loved it. I was so happy to give them a wine that they enjoyed! It is beautifully floral, has notes of dried apricots and pears, is light-bodied with only a slight acidity, and a sweet finish. It paired incredibly well with the dish I prepared: tilapia with a mango-lime-tomato-red onion salsa. The sweetness of the mango complimented the sweetness in the wine quite well, while the acidity in the tomatoes really livened the acidity in the wine. I highly recommend it!