All I want for Christmas…

… is a bottle of Fiddlehead Cellar’s “Doyle” Pinot Noir.

I love, love, LOVE anything that Kathy Joseph touches. Her Fiddlehead “Fiddlestix” is one of the best Pinot Noirs from California and really put Santa Rita Hills on the map for me. Her “Happy Canyon” Sauvignon Blanc (you know, “the one” from the movie Sideways that they drink when they sit down to dinner… “the one” aged in oak barrels which has a softer, rounder feel that I actually love in a Sauvignon Blanc) is cutting edge and beautifully produced. Her “Pink Fiddle” Pinot Noir Rose is a crowd pleaser and exactly what I crave at every picnic, on every hot day, and every single time I eat brie cheese. I love her. I want to be her. Ok… that’s going a little too far, but in at the least I can say that I wouldn’t mind drinking her wines just about every day that I am on this planet.

All ravings (and wine cravings) aside, Kathy’s “Doyle” is her top-notch production: the ONE best barrel of Pinot Noir from the Fiddlestix vineyard which Joseph herself deemed the highest quality wine of that year. Production is obviously limited to this one barrel, so the wine sells quickly and is coveted amongst Fiddlehead lovers (which, by the way, I think should congregate into one fan club and be called “Fiddleheads”). Joseph offers this highly-allocated wine to Fiddlehead Cellars club members first, but this year, Christmas has come a little early for everyone else: there are 23 bottles left, and they are open to the public for sale!

Bottles are $166 each and customers are limited to just three bottles. If I had $166 (hey, I’m just a poor blogger/wine lover) I know exactly what it would be going to this year!

Those of you lucky enough to have the most amazing Pinot Noir with your Christmas dinner can click here for ordering information.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the wine and what you served it with!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

The Sedimentalist

UPDATE: Winemaker Kathy Joseph just informed me that she also just bottled more of the “Goosebury” and the “Pink Fiddle” to keep up with the public demand… in addition, she was kind enough to send me some absolutely phenomenal photos of her operation! Enjoy. And a huge “Thank you” to Mrs. Joseph!

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