Algodon Malbec/Bonarda rosé

Argentina has really embraced the rosé wine, and I have been having fun sampling them all. Rarely are they more than $25 pesos per bottle, so how can I resist? 🙂

What is a rosé wine? At its most basic, a rosé is a wine made from a red wine grape (it differs depending on the region: typically you see Grenache in Spain, Pinot Noir in France, Malbec in Argentina, etc). Although made from red grapes, rosé wines are not red: the grape skins (which give a red wine its deep, red color) are only left in contact with the grape juice for a short amount of time. The result is a wine that is a pink color (the shade will vary depending on how long the juice was in contact with the skins) which exhibits a variation of flavors: typically bright fruits like strawberry and cherry and raspberry. Some are dry, some are slightly sweet… most all are delicious and perfect for a summer day.

The Algodon rosé is made from Malbec and Bonarda grapes. It is a beautiful, vibrant pink and exhibits the classic rose aromas (cherry, raspberry) but also has a slightly herbaceous quality and a hint of white flowers. Surprisingly, unlike most crisp and acidic Argentine rose, the Algodon was a tad creamy on the finish.

I recommend pairing the wine with Indian spices: it would work beautifully with a curry chicken salad. The wine would pair well with the cumin and coriander in the curry powder and also be a wonderful accompaniment to the dish’s crisp celery and sweet grapes.

Algodon Estates is located roughly an hour’s drive from Mendoza City in the San Rafael region of the Mendoza province . In addition to their vineyard, they offer a rather unique opportunity for wine lovers: their Wine Estate and Champions Club boasts a golf course, polo course, tennis courts, spa, fitness center, award-winning restaurant Chez Gaston and concierge services. They also run Algodon Mansion in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, which is a beautiful French-inspired hotel that houses a stunning cognac and wine bar and restaurant Chez Nous.

Whether in the wine country of Mendoza or in the bustling city of Buenos Aires, Algodon seems to be the perfect place to take a relaxing yet activity-filled vacation in Argentina… but for those who can’t make it to South America any time soon, sipping their Malbec/Bonarda rosé is not a bad consolation prize. 🙂

Algodon wines are available at Vinoteca Taninos (Araoz 1235, 4773-0228) in Buenos Aires. I am still awaiting an email from Algodon regarding the availability of their wines in the U.S.

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