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Amanda Jones
Hi đŸ™‚

My name is Amanda. I’m a Literature PhD candidate in Barcelona, a Northern California native, a UCD grad (go Ags!) and I’ve been obsessed with wine for over a decade. When I’m not studying in Spain, I live in  San Diego, which is pretty awesome for this country girl. đŸ™‚

This is my blog about my wine adventures around the world (plus a few travel stories and recipes). It was born during a very fun year-long honeymoon filled with travels throughout Southeast Asia, South America, and Europe and has continued, along with our obsession for traveling, since 2010.

Wine is one of my passions, and my goal is to make it accessible to everyone. I turned down the opportunity to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Paris with the hopes of learning wine on my own and then bringing this more casual approach to my readers. I hope you learn a thing or two and are inspired to read/cook/travel after reading.

Thanks for stopping by! Oh, check out some of my other writing gigs:


Current Contributions

Examiner.com, Culinary Travel Writer

Previous Contributions

“Wine Tips for Beginners,” Hello Giggles

Destination Guides, Wine and Travel Writing Contributor

Standard Magazine, Contributor

La Vita Bella Events, Event Coordinating Writer

Parle Magazine, Travel Writer

Phoodies.com, Wine Writer

Gourmet Retailer Magazine, Wine Retail Contributor

Practical Winery and Vineyard Magazine, Contributor

The California Aggie, UCDavis, Layout Artist and Editor

The Greek Times, UCDavis, Editor-in-Chief


Wine Blogger of the Month, Wines of Argentina

4 thoughts on “About “The Sedimentalist””

  • Ciao Amanda,
    Took a quick look at your blog, and realized that it needs hours, to read all the interesting info on wine you have wrote. Great photo’s too by the way.
    Just wanted to make contact via email so we can stay in touch.
    See you on Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Piazza Matteiotti Parking Lot.

  • Thanks, Brenda! Really looking forward to seeing Umbrian wine country with you tomorrow. Tasting notes on the beautiful wines you’ve shared are coming soon!

  • Hi Amanda, great blog! I wanted to know if I cold use some of your information on my FB page and on an app I’ve created about wine?
    Thank you in advance
    Wine lovers unite!

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