A great closed door restaurant list

Hopefully you have read my post on my first experience with closed door restaurants. I have to admit, since I got back from Mendoza, I have been slightly obsessed! I have been hounding expats and locals alike for their recommendations, and I have my eyes set on several in Buenos Aires (I’m thinking of making it a New Years Resolution: not a bad goal for 2011!).

I was ecstatic when a friend of mine, who owns Sugar and Spice, suggested that I visit a website called Saltshaker. The website director, Dan, not only runs an underground restaurant and a cooking school, but he is also a published author who STILL finds time to post helpful blogs about living in Buenos Aires and about his culinary life. AND, as the icing on the cake, he supplies a list of closed door restaurants around the globe. For those of you who can’t make it to Buenos Aires for a culinary experience like none other, check out this list: there might be some operating in your city! 

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